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Kristie Etzold


"You probably know that I love wrestling! I've wrestled many of the top female wrestlers in the world and numerous guys. I'm known for one hold in particular — legscissors. I always try to lock my legs around my opponents because if I get a good grip it's over!

I do use lots of other holds but many only know me for my scissors. In FEMWIN'S Scissors Contest I had Bill screaming instantly! He would have screamed sooner if he knew what was coming!"

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Round Card #1
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Demonstrating her brutal headscissors!

Taking on strong girl Robin Coleman!

She's so cute, until...

Vs Bill
Do I win the Scissors Contest?

Photos Vs Mikayla
You've heard about my legs!

Photos Vs Mikayla
Welcome to real wrestling!

Photos Vs CW
Instant submission!

Photos Vs CW
Okay, I won't squeeze you, yet!

Photos Vs Joanna
Even the tough girls submit!

Photos Vs Joanna
Two great wrestlers!